Pediatric Tooth Extractions In Sealy, TX

Dental extractions may sound daunting, but they are actually a very important part of pediatric dentistry. Not only are they used to stop dangerous and painful crowding in its tracks, but they are also necessary treatment options for some dental injuries.

At Sealy Kids Dentistry, we offer the very best pediatric dental services in Sealy, TX. Our kids' dentists use only the gentlest techniques to ensure that your child's tooth removal is as pleasant as possible.

If your child suffers from anxiety or has special healthcare needs, please let us know! We offer safe dental sedation options that can be tailored to your child's needs!

What Is a Pediatric Tooth Extraction?

kid smiling with her friends after getting a tooth extracted at Sealy Kids DentistryA pediatric tooth extraction is a dental procedure during which a dentist removes a baby or permanent tooth from a child's mouth. This may seem concerning, but it's a common and often necessary dental practice. It happens for several reasons and the main goal is to take care of your child's oral health and ensure their long-term well-being.

Does Your Child Need a Tooth Extraction?

Your child's dentist will decide if a tooth extraction is necessary. They consider things like the tooth's condition and your child's age and overall oral health. If an extraction is needed, the dentist will explain the procedure, answer your questions, and address any worries you may have. However, pediatric tooth extractions happens for the following reasons:

  • Severe Tooth Decay: Sometimes, a tooth is so damaged by cavities that it's best to remove it to keep other teeth healthy.
  • Troublesome Wisdom Teeth: Third molars can be problematic when they don't grow correctly. Removing them can prevent pain and other issues.
  • Making Space: In a few cases, a tooth needs to come out to make room for other teeth to grow straight.

How Long Does a Pediatric Tooth Extraction Take?

Usually, a pediatric tooth extraction doesn't take very long. The whole procedure can vary in time, but it generally lasts from a few minutes to about half an hour, depending on what needs to be done. We want your child to feel at ease during the process, and our skilled dental team will make sure it's safe and gentle. Our main goal is to ensure your child is relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole experience, making it as easy as possible for them.

What Happens After a Pediatric Tooth Extraction?

After the tooth extraction, your child might feel a bit of discomfort and swelling. This is normal while the mouth heals, that’s why you will receive guidelines on how to take care of your child during this time.

Here are some recommendations for your child’s smooth recovery after pediatric tooth extraction:

  • Avoid certain foods and take good care of their teeth while they heal.
  • If the dentist prescribes pain relief or antibiotics, make sure your child takes them as instructed.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment to check how your child is healing and ensure everything is on track.

How Much Does A Pediatric Tooth Extraction Cost?

The out-of-pocket cost to pull a tooth can vary depending upon the following factors:

  • Your child's dental insurance plan
  • If your child is a member of Kids Club, our in-house dental discount program
  • If additional dental treatments are needed

At Sealy Kids Dentistry, we strive to make tooth extraction cost as affordable as possible. That's why we accept all PPO insurance plans and file claims to all dental insurance companies on your behalf. And, if your child has Medicaid, we accept that, too!

Questions? Call today to speak with our financial coordinator.

About Emergency Tooth Extraction for Kids

Although tooth removal is always the last resort for our pediatric dentists, sometimes an emergency tooth extraction is necessary.

For instance, if your child has suffered an accident that has left them with a significant injury to the tooth, we may recommend a gentle emergency extraction. The same goes for if your child experiences tooth pain that won't go away. In those cases, a same-day tooth extraction may be just what they need!

At Sealy Kids Dentistry, we always offer emergency dental appointments to all of our patients - both new and established! If your child is suffering from dental pain, give our office is a call today for a same-day appointment.

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