Emergency Dentist Appointments In Sealy, TX

Is your child suffering through dental pain or a dental injury? Call our pediatric dental office in Sealy to get the care your child needs. Dental emergencies can cause long-lasting damage to growing mouths - don't let it wait!

Because we never want your child to be in pain, we can often provide you with same-day appointment times.

Not sure if your child should see our emergency dentist in Sealy, TX? Here are some examples of what constitutes a dental emergency:

Knocked Out Tooth

If your child has suffered a knocked out tooth, call our office immediately to receive urgent dental care. Lost baby teeth should never be placed back in the mouth - just rinse the area clean and come in for your emergency appointment.

Dealing with a knocked out permanent tooth? Rinse the tooth clean and ask your child to place it back in their mouth. If they are unable to do this, place the permanent tooth in a glass of milk and bring it with you to our office.

Broken Tooth

Like knocked out teeth, broken teeth require immediate medical attention. Gently rinse the area and apply a cold compress to the cheek to reduce inflammation until one of our pediatric dentists can assess it.

Broken Dental Filling

Although today's dental fillings are built to be long-lasting, they can still suffer cracks and breaks just like natural teeth do. If your child has a broken dental filling, call our pediatric dental staff for further instructions.

Tooth Pain

Is your child experiencing tooth pain? Does it hurt to chew or when air touches their tooth? While occasional tooth sensitivity may be normal, tooth pain could indicate a serious problem. If your child is suffering from tooth pain, call our office for an emergency dentist appointment.

Schedule Your Child's Emergency Dentist Visit With Sealy Kids Dentistry!

Don't let your child suffer from a dental injury or tooth pain when our emergency dentists are here to help. Call Sealy Kids Dentistry today to schedule a same-day appointment!

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